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How to Build the Perfect Lunch

How to Build the Perfect Lunch: The Subtle Art of Midday Platery

Join me as I walk through the components of a perfect lunch plate. Pick a couple recipes to rotate through your midday meals or make it all for a spread that will surprise you with abundance every single day! Free and available to everyone this video is here for you to share and return to as you wish!

The recipes made live on this class are also public for all to enjoy! I will be making both the Zingy + Zesty Marinated Olives and the Smoky Tahini Sauce as well as showcasing the Savoury Revolutionary Pancakes, and Hummus without a Recipe — both exclusive to Grow members!

Other great ideas on Grow for easy lunch plate additions:

And looking for a perfect lunch dessert? Don’t miss the Excellentil Brownies that are grain-free, vegan and so unbelievably delicious — let’s celebrate lunch and health together!

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