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About Grow

Sarah Britton

If you’re familiar with my work through My New Roots, you’ll know that I am very passionate about food and cooking, but I have so much more to offer! My education as a Holistic Nutritionist has gifted me with a unique set of skills and knowledge that focus on an entire lifestyle, and my goal is to connect you to yourself on a deeper level through the methods that have helped me on my own path. Mindful movement, meditation, breathwork, gardening, and connection to nature have all changed my life, and I hope through sharing these experience and simple pleasures with you, your life will become even more fulfilling, healthy, and whole.


Sarah Britton, cnp, founder of my new roots


Why did you start Grow?

For years I have dreamed of creating an online space where people could come and learn how to look after themselves holistically, on all levels of their being. Although I am most known for my healthy recipes, my education spans the universe of wellness, and sharing what I know beyond the cutting board brings me joy, and strengthens my purpose. Health is more than what we eat – our daily habits and practices can profoundly impact how we feel – and my hope is that Grow will be a resource for you to connect the dots between all the ways that you take care of yourself.

Grow is the next evolution of my offerings, and a reflection of my understanding of how we can achieve total health today. My approach is fun, relaxed, and flexible, because we’re all different and so are our individual needs. Here on Grow, I share sustainable ways that you can live a more fulfilling, healthy life, by tuning in to yourself on a deeper level, connecting to your body’s own innate intelligence, and becoming your own teacher.


Three raised beds and a pumpkin patch

My kitchen garden is in my back yard and I am amazed at what nature can create in a few garden beds with only a little bit of care. In my garden series I will take you on journey through the seasons in the garden and how share how I find inspiration in seasonal produce and how much food you can get from even a modest size kitchen garden.


What exactly is holistic nutrition?

The best way to define Holistic Nutrition is a health care system based on integrating the physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional and spiritual components of someone’s life. It emphasizes personal responsibility and a cooperative relationship between practitioner and client. Working with both the diet and lifestyle, I help people return to a state of healthy balance and well-being.


Yes! I will be uploading new content to Grow on a weekly basis! You can expect to see a mix of cooking videos, recipes, lectures and other inspiration added all throughout the year.

I’ve developed the recipes on Grow to be vegan-friendly as a way to be inclusive to as many eaters as possible! Even if you don’t eat a plant-based diet, I have no doubt you will find endless inspiration and plenty of wildly delicious recipes to make no matter your lifestyle, or level of cooking experience.

If you sign up and find that Grow is simply not for you, let us know and we will refund your payment – no questions asked.

Grow is so much more! Live cooking classes, nutrition lectures, exclusive recipes that you won’t find anywhere else, interviews, movement and meditation workshops, are the offerings that go way beyond the blog. Grow is truly a culmination of my life’s work, and I am so excited to share more of what I know with you, beyond just cooking!

Yes! I will be hosting monthly live cooking demos, lectures, and Q&A’s on Grow.