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Limitless Lungs

Give this short lecture a listen to learn more about the incredible lungs. Download the audio to listen on the go!

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Try any of these recipes or movement practices to support your lungs:
Riced Veggies
Apple Porridge with Tahini Sauce
Ginger Mint Pear Smoothie
Othership Breathwork Interview
Alternate Nostril Breathing

Lets take a deep breath – today we’re talking lungs! Our lungs are a key organ of our existence, and are special because they communicate between the inner and outer atmospheres. Through their fine structure and large blood flow, the lungs act as mediators between air outside our bodies, and the air within our blood stream.

In Chinese medicine, the lungs are the yin organ associated with the element of metal. The harmony of the lungs determines if wei qi (‘defensive qi’) is sufficiently strong to protect the surface of the body from pathogenic invasion. The lungs circulate the defensive qi on the surface of the body and within the muscles and skin to protect and regulate body temperature. Should the lungs qi be deficient, the immune system weakens and becomes vulnerable.

Hence it is absolutely important to focus on strengthening the lungs for an immune boost. There are many ways in which the lungs can be nourished to amplify their energy, such as regular physical activity that raises your heart and respiration rate. Exercise can improve the circulation and volume of qi within the body, as well as develop the physical capacity of the lungs.

TCM also believes that white and light-colored foods resonate with the lungs, therefore common foods such as white radish, mushrooms, and other white fungus are especially beneficial to the health of the lungs. Cauliflower, almonds, daikon, parsnips, rutabaga, potatoes, apples, pear, rice, oats, sunflower and sesame seeds are also supportive choices.

Breath work is a powerful method of both strengthening and connecting to your lungs. It’s an approachable modality for most people, since styles range in length of time, and intensity.

Since we are really able to feel the connection to our lungs, take some time each day to check in with them. Find a practice that helps you nourish your them, and thank your lungs for all that they are doing for you, keeping you alive every moment of your life!