Growing my own food has been an important part of my life for many years. My garden is a sanctuary in spring, summer, and fall where I connect deeply to the soil that nourishes me and my family. Learning and growing alongside the roots, leaves, blossoms, and fruits offers me endless inspiration in my kitchen and throughout my life. By no means am I an expert at growing veggies, but in showing you my successes and my failures, I hope you glean enough to feel empowered to cultivate whatever you can wherever you are! From a rooftop, in an apartment, on a 2×2 plot, I promise you can grow something most months of the year (if not all!) and be reminded that we all can make a difference in our lives and for our planet.

The weeks and seasons will follow the Northern Hemisphere rhythm but there are tips and tricks that span borders, time zones, and climates… so dig in!