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Spring Guided Meditation

As spring unfolds here in the Northern Hemisphere, and the sun coaxes life upwards from deep within the earth, this guided mediation will help you align with this potent energy! 

These are the words and visions that I use in my daily practices, and I thought that you may enjoy them too. Guided meditation helps ground my body, down regulate my nervous system, and shift my mindset. I find that sitting in silence – especially for beginners – can be intimidating or challenging, so guided mediations help give us a soft point of focus, gently helping to quiet our busy minds, navigating them through calm and nourishing spaces.

The element associated with spring is wood, so my guided mediation focuses on this specific component of nature, tuning our awareness to both the rooted strength and ascending force of trees, balancing it all with the heart centre. I went to the forest near my home to record this mediation among the birds, dappled spring sunlight, and fresh moss, nourished from the just-melted snow. I hope you enjoy the sounds and deep imaginings from this very special place.

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