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Regenerative Agriculture: Mairin Wilson

Mairin is the Director of Regenerative Practices at Christy Dawn. Alongside Christy, Aras, and the team, Mairin is helping to steward, support, and inspire intensely conscious, industry-changing practices and principles in fashion. Check out the interview with Christy and Aras too so you can understand just how deeply committed this community is to making real and lasting change for our environment and for us. A huge thank you to Christy Dawn for leading the way.

Learn more about what regenerative agriculture is, why it matters, and how you can make a difference in this interview. Hope you enjoy and as always send your questions or thoughts as we love to hear from you!

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Resources in this video:
Fibershed by Rebecca Burgess with Courtney White

If you’d like to check out Christy Dawn, head here and use the code: 15SARAHB for 15% off your order. As a proud Christy Dawn Steward, I reinvest back into the steward program with each use of this code. I believe that we have to support what matters to us and what Christy Dawn is doing… matters! Not to mention… their clothing is also ridiculously beautiful!