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Activated Nuts & Seeds

Both activating by soaking and toasting raw nuts and seeds make them easier to digest. Though some prefer to toast for snacking, activated nuts retain their enzymes and that’s and extra added little boost. These can be used in smoothies, nut milk, baking, porridge, etc. There are many ways to use them within the The BSM Revive menu.

Activated Nuts and Seeds


  • Amount desired nuts / seeds of choice
  • pinch fine sea salt


  • Place nuts / seeds in a glass, cover with filtered water, add pinch of salt and let sit at room temperature for time indicated (if longer, place in the fridge).
  • Rinse well. If using almonds, peel if desired and rinse well before eating . Add a small pinch of salt, if desired. Say thank you and enjoy!


almonds (8 hours)
sunflower seeds (4 hours)
pumpkin seeds (4 hours)
cashews (2-4 hours)
hazelnuts (8 hours)
brazil nuts (8-10 hours)
walnuts (4 hours)
pecans (4 hours)