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Spring Grain Bowl

This bowl requires no recipe at all once you have the components concocted — a perfect chance for you to enjoy all of the elements of the Spring Rollover Menu together. I love making this bowl for guests, or just for myself and my family on a busy weeknight. It’s even wonderful pre-packed for lunch throughout the week if you’re a meal-prepper!

Spring Grain Bowl


  • Spice Rice
  • Cooked Kidney Beans
  • Simplest Roasted Radishes + Carrots
  • Persian-Inspired Greens
  • Quick-Pickled Turnips with Spring Onions
  • Garlic Cloud Sauce
  • Parsley + Olive Tahini Sauce
  • Pistachio Za'atar
  • Extra herbs, nuts, salt, olive oil, if desired!


Makes as many bowls as you wish