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Rose Gwet: Central African Self Massage

I invite you to try a self-massage tutorial by founder of LUXCEY, Canadian natural beauty and lifestyle company. I had the sheer pleasure of learning from Rose Gwet about the nourishing art and practice of Central African massage — a type that Rose believes is accessible to most people.

In this 30 minute workshop, you will discover a unique approach to skin care and self-care, from Central Africa, centered around simplicity, intuition, and efficiency. Rose has adapted her method over the years so these traditional massage techniques can meet the needs of modern women by reducing the need for too many products, tools, and invasive procedures.

Since the dawn of time, Central African women massage themselves to support their skin and body as they go through their life’s stages, living a traditional lifestyle. For the face, women simply massage themselves intuitively on a daily basis with flat hands, boosting and firming skin naturally.

Rose’s technique mixes basic principles of the French school of massage, with knowledge and practices from Central Africa to make these massages short, effective, relaxing and unique. She’s conscious of pressure, anatomy, and lymph drainage for more glowing skin every day. In this workshop, you will see Rose and I practice this transformative technique.

It’s simple, full of discovery, efficient, and and allows you to follow your intuition, deepening the connection you have with yourself. This knowledge and practice is meant to be shared generously.


LUXCEY is about rituals, simplicity, kindness, and self-care. These are valued through a mindful approach to beauty and skin care. Since its creation, LUXCEY Beauty is family-owned and independent. The company is growing organically around its values and you’re invited to follow along as Rose shares more of her daily rituals inspired by her Cameroonian and French background.

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