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Rainbo: Tonya Papanikolov

Tonya, the founder of Rainbo and dear friend is a lover of health, connectedness, peace, and beauty. Her presence is tender and kind with vision unlike any other, and her business practices and commitment to the Earth are admirable! Rainbo is inspired by a reverence for nature and its healing properties and a desire to reconnect people back to this innate wisdom. With various mushroom products like teas, tinctures, and more, Rainbo is on a mission to upgrade humanity with fungi!

From a young age, Tonya was sure of a few things: her affinity and deep love for all-things rainbow and that she was here to help people on earth. Her interest in mushrooms started in her early 20s and continued as she used mycotherapy to support herself, clients, and through her research into how mushrooms can harmonize people and our planet.

Watch this interview to learn not only more about mushrooms but also how they can support your body, mind, and spirit daily!

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