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Plantitas Verdes: Val Esquivel

Plantitas Verdes’ mission is to transform spaces with plants to enhance the modern everyday and I couldn’t think of a better person to share my love of plants with than Val here on Grow!

Instead of spending hours researching different plants, where to place them, and how to take care of them, etc. Val and her team offer a personalized service that takes care of all the details AND helps to educate you along the way. You know we love to empower you to become your own teacher around here!

Plantitas Verdes is a woman-owned small business located in Los Angeles, CA and they offer plant design and installation services, maintenance and care and repotting for residential and commercial clients throughout Southern California. I’m bringing Val to you here on Grow, wherever you are located, and am so excited for you to learn a little more about how to bring the outside in to your space.

Follow along @plantitasverdes or check out the website for more!

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