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From My Kitchen, Home, & Garden to Yours

Growing, cooking, and living holistically and as close to nature as possible can be intimidating. I’m here to show you that everyone everywhere can do something even if it’s small to step forward on their wellness journey! On Grow I show you through videos, lectures, interviews, recipes, how-tos, live classes, and more just how simple it really is to connect with your body, your food, and your community! 

Can’t wait to see you in there and continue providing inspiration for a whole, happy, and fulfilled life full of joy, intention, and deliciousness! 

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New videos and recipes added weekly, monthly live classes, and community feedback is always welcome so we can make Grow a place you love and feel a part of. 



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Health is for all of us: If you do not have the resources to pay for My New Roots Grow, contact us at and we will find a solution that works for you. 

Praise from Grow Members

“I’m lovin’ Grow! I feel like I’ve been invited into your kitchen, and we’re just hangin’ out getting ready to to sit down for a meal — it’s so lovely! The amount of work and heart that you put into Grow shows, it’s absolutely stunning.”
Cassie, USA

“I am so impressed with the garden section — it shows an obvious passion for plants and farming and I can only imagine what you’ll continue to add! The content is layered so perfectly and so easy to navigate. You have pretty much covered everything when it comes to home gardening. I particularly love the focus on family life as it’s exactly how I want my child to grow up, understanding the earth beneath him.You have truly developed an amazing platform for everyone!”
Michael, Australia

“Thank you for creating this space that will keep on growing into its beauty and potential. And even bigger thank you for My New Roots blog, and for all the content and wisdom you share on Instagram! You do lots of educating about the ingredients and impacts of our food choices with a holistic approach and I love that you share your love of nature and growing/gardening — look forward to even more!”
Jana, Canada

“I’ve been taking a break from social media since last September. I needed to focus inwards and really think about what I needed. One of the things I’ve reflected on from social media is that I miss your smiling face and warmth. I’m thrilled to find Grow — I think it’s a fantastic idea and I’m so pleased to reconnect consciously.”
Annabel, Canada


Wellness is for Everyone

Even in a small space you can grow a surprising amount of food, in a small kitchen you can prepare nourishing meals, in a small room you can connect with your body. 

Wellness truly is for everyone, on every budget, everywhere — let’s get back to the basics, together!