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Grow Live Q + A: March 3rd

Join me for an open session chat about Grow; general holistic nutrition; your cooking questions; what suggestions you have; and any recommendations for Grow content that would make living a healthy life a little easier for you!

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Resource List from the Q & A:

Post-Partum Support
The First Forty Days : The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother
Amely Greeven, Heng Ou, Marisa Belger

Natural Health after Birth: The Complete Guide to Postpartum Wellness
Aviva Jill Romm

Iron Supplement for Plant-Based Eaters
Floradix Formula: 500ml bottle, once a season / 4x per year

Hormone Support
Woman Code
Alisa Vitti

In the Flo
Alisa Vitti

Skincare / Haircare / Oralcare
Living Libations
-Wintergreen Clean Activated Charcoal Toothpaste
-True Blue Spirulina Shampoo / Conditioner
-Zippity Dew Dab for breakouts

I am a proud affiliate of Living Libations and they are offering a special code for Grow members only through November 18th! Add any of my top 8 favourite products to your cart (see below), use the code: GrowTop8 and you will receive 18% off your entire order.

Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever
Rose Glow Serum
Breast Massage Oil
Seabuckthorn All Over Lotion
Palo Santo Poetic Pits
Ozonated Zippity Dew Dab
Triple Mint Toothpaste 
Happy Gum Drops

I am beyond thrilled to share these amazing libations with the world – enjoy!

Clothing Brands
Local second-hand / thrift stores
Daughters of India
Christy Dawn
Indigo Luna