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Dental Care Routine

Nadine Artemis’ eight steps to successful self-dentistry and book, Holistic Dental Care is the inspiration for my own dental care routine. Do make sure to check out my dentistry interview with Nadine (coming soon!) to learn more about holistic dentistry and how to create a happy, healthy mouth that supports a happy, healthy body!

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Salt Water Mouth Rinse


  • 1 L Recently boiled, filtered water
  • 3 Tbsp. fine sea salt / pink salt
  • couple drops essential oil blend like Happy Gum Drops


Add all ingredients to a 1L glass jar, shake, and store in a cabinet at room temperature. Use enough to swish through your mouth and then spit out after use into sink. 
Rinse a couple times a day, in the morning, evening, and / or between meals! 
Products used in this video:

Tongue Scraper
Happy Gum Drops
Electric Toothbrush
Gum Stimulator
Happy Gum Drops Swishing Serum

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