Mikkala Marilyn Kissi is my movement mentor! When I first attended a Living Yolates class with her, I understood why she was having such a profound and positive impact on people’s lives; she connects us not only to our bodies, but also our minds and spirits.

So much more than a way to work out, the Living Yolates philosophy inspires a whole lifestyle — a constant practice of accepting who you are and bringing you into the beauty of the present moment. Designed and influenced by natural elements and rhythms, Living Yolates aims to connect your body, spirit, and mind into deep union and celebration.

Through strengthening, lengthening, and dancing movements and postures Mikkala marries yoga, pilates, and dance for an all-encompassing, full-body experience in three styles: strong, soft, and dance to meet your daily needs.

I am deeply honoured to share Mikkala’s style, passion, and grace with you! Check out Mikkala’s Living Yolates Circle for weekly classes.

Use the code: GROWWITHLY for $10 off your first month to the Living Yolates Circle to enjoy Mikkala’s amazing new programs each week and monthly livestream!