Awaken Your Inner Spring Radiance

This Dancing Yolates class will awaken your entire body from the inside out, a perfect preparation for spring! Dancing will tone and strengthen, build heat and awaken, and make you feel more alive – ready to blossom! Shift the winter’s energy and lean into the longer days, more light, warmth, and radiance. This class will support you to believe in your visions and your dreams, to embody the vibration of spring and all the gifts it brings.

Each week Mikkala goes live guiding Living Yolates Circle Members through one of four styles of Living Yolates: Soft, Strong, Melody, or Dancing. The recordings are always available within the Circle to watch at your leisure and we’re lucky enough to have this special recorded livestream for both Living Yolates Circle members and the Grow community!

If you’d like more of Mikkala’s programs and to connect deeper with her work, use: grow2021 for one month free access to the LY Circle.