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Arame has a stringy / noodly texture and a mild taste and aroma. It makes a great addition to bean and grain dishes, as well as pasta. It’s nearly black colour adds striking contrast to many meals. I think arame is a good sea veggie to try first, as the taste is not as strong nor intense as other types. 

  • Arame is very high in iron and calcium. 

About Sea Vegetables

The term “sea vegetable” of course refers to “seaweed”, but that doesn’t sound all that appealing to eat! Sea vegetables are remarkable foods — some of the most under-rated in the Western world. Most sea vegetables contain ten to twenty times the minerals of land plants and an abundance of vitamins and other elements necessary to maintain a strong and healthy body. They are so powerful in fact that, like superfoods, sea vegetables can be used as both sustenance and medicine. 


Look for sea vegetables at health food stores and be sure they are sold in tightly sealed packages. Avoid those that have evidence of excessive moisture. Certain types of sea vegetables contain remnants of their natural environment, so be sure to pick through them before eating to remove any stones, sand, or shell bits. 


Store sea vegetables in tightly sealed containers (glass and ceramic are best) at room temperature where they can stay fresh for at least several months.